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Bunmi's Blog

Welcome to my blog page.  I write regularly about my thoughts, ideas and much more all related to living free from.  I can't eat anything with wheat, gluten, soya, dairy and at times sugar.  So life for me at times can be a chore, but I stay optimistic and blog about what I'm thinking.  Follow my journey and get involved by commenting and reviewing on what I have to say.  My blog page is also available real time via our mobile app so why not download it?  I hope you enjoy the read. Thanks Bunmi☺

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Industry News

Want to keep up to date with all the latest news on your favourite free from brands? You're in the right place. Make sure you keep tuned in with our latest posts!

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Our interview section contains interviews from the people in the free from industry.  So if you want to find out more about your favourite brands, you're in the right place!

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Your Stories

Your stories is all about you.  Your thoughts, feelings and stories and how life is for you living on a free from diet.  Whether you want to write in and tell us your experience from your view point or someone elses, we want to hear from you.  How do you cope with the exclusions in your life.  If it's not about you, do you have a friend, family member or colleague that has food allergies or intolerances?  Or perhaps you live free from out of choice. Whatever your story, get involved and send us some insight on how you live your life to

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Guest Bloggers

Our guest bloggers are hand picked writers who either have personal experience of living free from or members of their family or friends themselves have allergies or intolerances.  Read their experiences and learn how they cope.  If you're interested in being one of our guest bloggers, please email us for more information  at .


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Our Stories

Here you can read all about Our Teams Stories at Foods You Can. We write about our personal stories when it comes to intolerance and allergy.


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Health and Wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing page is all about keeping healthy and fit. It includes offers on the latest deals, fitness blogs, food intolerance testing and our grow your own section. So make sure you keep checking for our regular updates!

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Information & Articles

There’s so much information out there on living free from, so we thought we’d simplify things for you by carrying out the research and providing you with the best of the information.  Whether you’ve got a food intolerance, allergy or you’re living free from due to a life style choice you’ll find lots of information, articles, help and advise right here.

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Baby Blog

With two babies Bunmi blogs about all things parenting, baby and more.  Read the blog for updates on bringing up two free-from children both dairy and soya free.

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Our Student Page gives you all the information you need to know about living a student life. Whether you are student who is living gluten free at university and wants help or you want some information on the best places to go on your gap year, we have everything for you! We always have new exciting updates, so keep engaged!

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