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The Food You Eat Determines Your Vibrations

My Stories

Written by Bunmi. Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The food that you eat determines the vibrations that you have within yourself and your outer world.  Illness can develop and continue to grow based on how you eat, what environment you are in and how you generally feel.

Today I made a promise to myself to remove all animal products from my diet. This is something that I know I need to do for my health, my mind, my body and soul.  My level of vibration is second to none and alike floating on air when I eat the right way for me.

Having started the year with a 3 day fast and light eating, I was hit with some news at the end of of the week which exposed to me, my lack of mental and physical strength. Instead of fighting through, I reached out for the foods I’d promised myself not to eat. I gave in and allowed another person to encroach into my personal headspace and I foraged for the worst of foods with the lowest of vibrations.

However I am a strong person. I know I have it in myself to pull through no matter what and to take back control.  All I ever need is some me time to get the ball rolling and to start my personal healing process. Today this process came in the form of a spring clean of our home from top to bottom.

Whilst my husband watched the kids and played with them, I took some time out initially to wholly as I cleaned and then to talk myself up to never give up and to stay strong. 

By the end of the day, I’d made a few decisions which I didn’t realise were holding me back but now I feel so happy with them. 

One thing I realised today is that it’s not always smooth sailing being a parent, however we always get through whatever we are going through. 

For months now as I have meditated on and off, the same saying has been coming back to me over and over again. 

The saying being ……….. ‘Be in this world, not of this world.’

I have continued to ask God and the universe what this saying was meant to mean to me and today after months and months I’ve realised.

I’ve realised that I have to come out of my shell and just be me. If I am to sail through life and do and be certain things, then I can not and should not allow others in the world to enter my domain unless they are there to bless and give out positivity. 

As I write this, my realisation is that the person that entered my life and who contributed to my crash and burn this weekend was here to teach me a lesson. A lesson learnt now on my part and although it still hurts, I am grateful for it.  It’s helped me to come to decisions I might never have done.  I know that this situation was presented to help me to learn this lesson about myself and as i write this, I’m fine with it and I can’t wait to face the next part of this journey as I return to cloud 9 on my own terms and in my own way.

My new beginning starts with inputting the right energies through food into my body first and foremost.  I’m welcoming the 9th of Jan 2017 with open arms and I can’t wait for it to be fair. Right now I’m feeling happy and very blessed.

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Food Intolerance Fact Is We Are All Different

Health and Wellbeing My Stories

Written by Bunmi. Friday, November 11th, 2016


Food intolerance the fact is, we are all different and how food affects us, nourishes us and satisfies us is different.  I’ve been eating free-from for over 10 years now and I’ve been good at understanding my body and how I react when it comes to the foods that I’m eating. Recently I’ve noticed increased changes in my sensitivity level when it comes to eating the foods that normally made me feel ok.  I’ve seen a huge rise in people eating free-from being affected by these now alternative foods.  It’s highly likely that if you eat free-from you have a sensitive stomach and thats something that you always have to be aware of and watch out for. It’s important that you manage and look after yourself by doing whatever you can to heal.  Always listening to your body and not just living with the discomfort.

My own personal experience has seen me fearing a relapse of an auto-immune that I suffer with.  Don’t get me wrong, I look after myself and I always try to ensure that I eat the right foods for me. I’ve recently been eating a specific branded wrap and unfortunately I’ve been reacting to ingredients within them. It’s not been easy and in fact I have nearly ended up in hospital because of them.  Luckily I’ve been able to take a step back, re-looked at my most recent food intolerance test and seen that one of the free-from ingredients within them was actually the crucial item causing me to be so unwell.  It took me a few days but without having had my food intolerance test results and reviewing what was happening and how quickly things could have changed for me, I could have continued to get more and more unwell and in turn have to go into hospital.

Now I’m not saying that this is or will be the same for everyone but I think its an important statement that we all need to really look after ourselves and we all need to take full control.  Food is supposed to nourish and give us energy, not take it away. I hope that if there is any food that you think is making you feel unwell, you take control and you don’t just let it be. There are several options that you can take.  You can start straight away with simple elimination and keeping a food diary. Talk to tour doctor and or health practitioner. Speak to a nutritionist and of course have a food intolerance test.  There are lots of opportunities to start your healing process. You just need to take charge and be in control.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Bunmi :-)

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Food, Fitness, FeelGood Week 1

My Stories

Written by Bunmi. Sunday, June 12th, 2016

My Food, Fitness, FeelGood 10 Week Transformation

Week 1

What a phenomenal week it’s been for me so far.  After a number of months now on a quest to lose weight and really show you all why I truly believe in my motto of real food, great fitness and feel good through mindfulness, I finally feel as though I am on a real path to finding the success that I have been chasing and want to share this journey with you.  Only one week into my challenge and transformation, I feel revitalised, rejuvenated and extremely joyful at my week long completion of eating right, exercising and going within to find my personal answer to success.

We are all individuals, this is something that I know you will have heard me say over and over again.  I have my issues with food but I by no means make it deter how I live my life and the goals I set myself day in day out.  One thing that I will say, is that I never give up and I believe with all my hear that for every problem in life, there is a clear solution.  We’ve just got to believe that we can and will find it. 

Food, Fitness, FeelGood for me, is about eating the right way for me based on what my body wants and needs at any one time.  Having done a recent food intolerance test, I was armed with foods I could eat and my focus has been to stick to these foods as my main source of nourishment.  I also felt that my regular workout regime was becoming the same old for my body and I felt ready for change.  Then the most important factor to seeing me through this challenge and believing that I can do it, has been my mind, self belief, self esteem and confidence in myself. 

It is important to focus on the fact that one size does not fit all and that we need to find what is right for each and everyone of us. 

I’m pleased to say that having experimented based on the foods that I can eat this week, I feel that I have now found a happy medium. I’m 2 pounds down in weight and I feel calmer, more energetic and stronger in myself.  I am focused and determined to keep focused on my goal of losing 3 stones in weight.  I make sure that I use visualisation each morning to focus on my goal look and feel and then I ensure that I plan all my meals and of course that I am active daily.  All these individually and together are my road to success.  We all have a starting point and an end and as long as we believe that we can, then we will.  If any of you would like to join me on this challenge then do please get in touch at any time.  Either comment below or email me directly via I’m more than happy to help.

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Being Mindful and Taking Control

My Stories

Written by Bunmi. Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

As many of you may know, I lost my eyesight a number of years ago. Thankfully my sight returned, but I remember in the midst of my soul searching and craving to understand exactly why this had happened and the need to understand what this all meant in my life, a friend said to me –

“Bunmi trust your instinct and don’t question yourself.”

That statement has stayed with me ever since. I was at my lowest point. I was in my early 20s and everything I knew seemed to have been taken away from me. I felt like I’d lost everything. My health, my friends, my life.

I’d like to make this statement too to all of you reading this right now. No matter what your circumstance, you have to take control of your own life. You deserve to be happy, healthy and to feel the best you can.

I’m grateful to all the doctors who helped me at that weakest point in my life. I needed that help right then but deep down I knew it wasn’t a forever thing. I needed to take control of my own life again. I just knew that I couldn’t rely on medication forever. So very simply, I trusted my instinct.

I knew that my only saving grace was the food I was eating. I needed healing and it had to come from the inside out.  As well as food came exercise. Something I feared due to putting on so much weight (over 10st) from taking steroids for medication. I had the moon face and features of someone who had given up on their appearance.

Therefore I knew that my mind was something else I needed to work out. I always believed and believe that you are what you think and so my thoughts also had to change. This is where my journey began and what a phenomenal journey it has been so far.

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It’s Not Just About Gluten Free

My Stories

Written by Bunmi. Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

I’m normally quite a laid back person and very rarely get annoyed but there is one thing that niggles me once in a while. I eat free-from and in fact I have multiple food intolerance to gluten, dairy, soya amongst other things.  My two children also have multiple food allergies so I’m all about the future and making things better for them.

As the world of free-from food continues to grow and more and more brands and restaurants enter the market place this can only be a great thing.  I’m grateful for how far forward things have moved ahead since I was first diagnosed almost 10 years ago.

What I have noticed however is that so much of the free-from food world is dedicated purely to the gluten-free sector. Retailers, brands and manufacturers focus on producing and selling the next gluten free product. What about people with other types of intolerance?

Why can’t we spread the love more? I find myself saying often in my head,  “It’s not just about gluten free!”

I hope to see that the next 10 years bring even greater awareness and options for other free-from consumers. I have total faith that it will and I’m excited for this.  There really is lots of opportunity for manufacturers to produce products suitable for other kinds of free-from consumers.  Our visitors show this by the type of information that they seek on our site.

Our website and app continues to do whatever possible to help you to understand what foods are suitable for you. I hope that it continues to help you and to make your life easier. :-)

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