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Bunmi’s Blog

Welcome to my blog page.  I write regularly about my thoughts, ideas and much more all related to living free from.  I can’t eat anything with wheat, gluten, soya, dairy and at times sugar.  So life for me at times can be a chore, but I stay optimistic and blog about what I’m thinking.  Follow my journey and get involved by commenting and reviewing on what I have to say.  My blog page is also available real time via our mobile app so why not download it?  I hope you enjoy the read. Thanks Bunmi☺

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Take Control of Your Own Health

Written by Bunmi Scott. Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Wow wow wow, its been a long long time since I last blogged. I’ve been meaning to get back into writing again, but so much has been going on. Two toddlers under school age and running a business to name just a few things. As I start to write this, I am in Spain on a family holiday. I’ve brought my laptop, as it rarely leaves my side. I love what I do for work and always want to be available for my customers so whenever I can be, I’m there.

I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions about the autoimmune that I got diagnosed with over 8 years ago now. It is one that can lead to all sorts of ailments in the body and has indeed struck me down on a number of occasions.

There are 3 main things that have affected me badly over the years.

  1. Losing my eye sight (which thankfully came back)
  2. 2) Neuropathic Pain (Which plagues me daily)
  3. 3) Not being able to walk properly (Thankfully only short term.)

All these and the other ailments that have affected me, make me who I am today.  As part of the process of Doctors doing all they can in their way to help me, I have also tried along the way to help myself. Mostly through private health testing, eating right for me, supplementing by taking the right vitamins and minerals and then there has been the exercising daily and meditation/gratitude through prayer and more.  Honestly, I can say that not 1 thing on its own as been my saving grace but in fact all of these things have been there to make a huge difference for me.

The key and overall synopsis has been to take full control of my own health and to work along side my doctors to live the best way that I can.  My experience is the reason that I started added health testing to the mix of what we do at Foods You Can.  Health testing on its own though is not enough and this is the reason why we offer a platform to help as many people as we can to understand better what foods are beneficial to them and how by eating/supplementing, exercising and introducing mindfulness into every day life, you can contribute to your own better health. 

We are by no means an alternative to your doctors or other health professionals, but we do want to offer you a medical alternative so that you can take control of your own life and start to feel better as quickly as you can do.

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