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Allergy Awareness Week 2015 – Trusting your child’s nursery

Written by Bunmi. Monday, September 22nd, 2014

One of the hardest things when you’re a parent is letting your children out of your sight. At 16 months old, the time came when I finally accepted that my son needed some me time so to say. I realized that he was kind of bored of hanging out with mummy day in day out or just spending an hour here or there at play-groups. So we decided to look for a nursery for him. He’s always seemed a very confident and independent kind of little boy. Typically full of energy and already thinks he’s superman and that he can do anything. This makes me smile and I’m grateful to have a wonderful son like him. Taking him round a range of nurseries, he loved it. He would generally run off and play and fit right in especially if he saw a ball anywhere.

My son has a range of non-IgE and IgE allergies. He carries an epi-pen and we have to be very careful about how he eats, material around him etc. All items of wool clothing have been given away or hidden, perfume and non-natural products are no longer used in our household. Essentially, everything changed for us but we didn’t care. As parents we wanted to do everything we could to help our son.   For Kobe it’s not just food that he eats that can cause him issues, his skin is also very sensitive and he is hyper-allergic. So for me as well as the food issues I also had to think about how he is looked after from a skin point of view. His nursery was provided with information on what to use and not use, what he could eat and not eat. The first few months were great. All seemed well but then after every visit to the nursery, Kobe would come home and projectile vomit. We couldn’t put our finger on it but we knew that it had something to do with nursery. As far as nursery was concerned, he was being fed in the right way so it couldn’t be what they were giving him but I knew deep down it was linked. Then came issues with his skin and allergic reactions showing up on parts of his body. To cut a long story short, it turned out that a specific food product he was being fed had a small amount of ingredient that he could not tolerate and regarding his body, the nursery was using a cream on him that they thought would be ok.

It’s not easy letting your child go, but it has to be done. You can’t shelter them forever; all you can do is prepare whoever is looking after them. Educate them and make them aware of your child’s needs. Don’t be scared to question how your child is being looked after and make sure you stand your ground. Kobe has a nap at nursery now so we take a cot bed sheet for him that is put on the bed that he sleeps on. This comes home with him every day and is washed ready for next time. He also has his special bag that goes with him everywhere with all his essential first aid items in it. I feel sad that he’s fallen ill whilst at nursery but it’s further stressed the importance of his allergies when not in our care and just what can go wrong if he’s not looked after correctly.   I’m happy to say that the nursery is now being extra vigilant but I can’t help but worry when he’s not around me. It’s just one of those things we are getting used to and learning about everyday.

  1. Deb Baker on said:

    Wow, I had no idea how sensitive these allergies are. Very interesting read Bunmi, thankyou. This helps me with my understanding of how a topical product can either assist or cause more problems. I am grateful there has been no bad reactions to our ABC baby range, but will keep this in mind.

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