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Food Product Reviews

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Luxury Gluten Free Hamper from The British Hamper Company

Written by; markjohnTuesday, June 16th, 2015

Luxury Gluten free Hamper from The British Hamper Company Review
It’s taken me a long time to write this review. This is simply because this hamper had so much gluten free goodness going on inside it.

This hamper contains the following –

Against the Grain Berry Cookies
Willie’s Cacao – Milk of the God’s Luxury Chocolate
Kent and Fraser – Sussex Farmer Savoury Biscuits
Le Mesurier – Red Onion Chutney
Thursday Cottage Strawberry Jam
Hobbs and Silverthorne Almond Butter Crunch
Convivial Yorkshire Crisps – Natural Sea Salt

I started the tasting and reviewing of the contents of the hamper with a Friday night treat in the form of the yummy Against the grain cookies and Willie’s Cacao chocolates. I’d never tried either of these before and was absolutely blown away by the luxury nature of both items. In fact I sat to eat both once my kids had gone to bed because I didn’t really want to share them with anyone. Selfish I know but they looked so nice in their packet.

Instead I offered my husband the Kent and Fraser Savoury biscuits and Yorkshire natural sea salt crisps. He’s more of a savoury person and I love the sweeter things in life. He loved the freshness of the crisps and the savoury biscuits went perfectly with his favourite mature cheddar cheese blended with the Le Mesurier red onion chutney. Already the hamper had provided and added to a perfect relaxing Friday night yumminess, whilst watching Gogglebox.
The contents of the hamper didn’t end there though. Saturday morning saw the whole family getting to have the delicious and juicy Thursday Cottage Strawberry jam and toast. The jam actually tastes like its homemade, fresh and fruity. I make jam so for this to taste this good was a huge surprise and delight to me. So as not to feel too greedy, I shared the rest of my biscuits and chocolates with the kids.

I’ve got to say, this hamper is truely high end and luxury at its best. Each and every item was really tasty and suited the whole family. Weather permitting I’d have put my picnic blanket in the garden and sat in the sun and indulged. I was happy though to enjoy the contents of the hamper on the sofa instead. 🙂


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